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Flutter Training in Surat

Category: Programming Language

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Simba institute provide one of the best flutter training in Surat that why in Simba Institute is the first choice of students to learn Flutter in Surat. Simba Institute is Best for Beginner as well as for people who belongs from computer background.Moreover, It is really big opportunity for students who want to do internship in Flutter.Simba institute provide 100% job guarantee after completion of course.

Flutter Course Introduction:

Flutter is fastest growing technology in the world. Flutter helps us to develop cross plate form application with single code base. We don’t need to develop or maintain two code base for single project. Flutter is totally depend on dart language and it is very easy to lean language. In this course we taught you dart language first and then we move to Flutter. In Dart language we teach you from basic things to advance and then we teach you how to build basic application to advance applications, such as E-commerce, chat application and many more, in flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter Training in Surat

Flutter is an opensource Application development software kit created by Google. Flutter is used to create applications for Android and iOS. In addition to that we can also develop application for Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and the web. More interesting thing about flutter is, it is easy to learn and very smooth in run time.Flutter works on Dart virtual machine which features a just-in-time execution engine. A notable feature of the Dart platform is its support for “hot reload” where modifications to source files can be reflected into a running application. Flutter provides hot reload, using which feature we can directly see the effects of changed code in real time application without doing full re start. Hot restart is amazing feature and get praise from all across the world.

Why Flutter?

Flutter Training in Surat

Flutter uses Dart as Programming Language. To build Android and iOS applications, you just need to learn single language Dart. Dart is easy to learn and has friendly syntax like another programming language. Anyone can adopt Dart as a primary language. Moreover, Using flutter we can do more fast development and we can create more expressive and Flexiable UI. In addition to that, Flutter Provides native application look and feel which is really amazing thing. Flutter perform 60fps so that we can easy say that we can get the best performance with the help of flutter. Flutter is all about different widgets, so that it is very easy to customize each and every widget to get our desire UI/UX.

Job opportunities for Flutter Developer

We are in the world of technology, where everyone want to do their work on their fingertips. Every person want access everything from their all the devices, so that flutter developer is the best option for employer to develop their problem’s solution because they can get android application, IOS application, web application and desktop application with single code base.


What You Will Learn?


1. Getting Started

2. Exploring Widgets

3. Building Interactive App

4. Adding Backend in Flutter APP

5. Cupertino Widget and Platform-Based UI

6. Create App With Database

7. Create App with Firebase

8. Packages

9. Publish App to Play Store

Dart Course

Dart course in Surat

1. Variables (int, double, bool, String[interpolation], List, Set, Map)

2. If. Else (Ternary Operator & ??)

3. Switch case break default continue

4. Loops

5. Functions OR Methods

6. Exception

7. Class

8. Getter and Setter (Encapsulation)

9. Object Oriented Concepts

10. Lambda Function

11. Higher Order Function

12. File Handling

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Category: Programming Language